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water-water Automatic heat exchange unit

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  • Class: Water supply or drainage equipment
  • Specification:   Automatic heat exchange unit
  • Brand:   ZHONGYING
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Sahre to:
    The whole heat exchanger water plate heat exchanger unit comprises a plate heat exchanger, a circulating water pump, water pump, electric control device, decontamination device, piping, valves, instruments, and other components of the base. The user only needs to connect the primary heat medium of the unit, the heating system and the water supply interface. It is suitable for steam, water, water, water, oil, oil and oil. The utility model has the advantages of superior performance, reasonable layout, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient installation and operation, etc..
    Water according to user needs additional water plate heat exchanger unit automatic control system, the function of constant pressure, water temperature control system, outdoor temperature compensation, computer liquid crystal display one or two import and export temperature and pressure automatic control system programming, China international environmental protection according to user requirements of actual use, to achieve unattended operation, the control cabinet to stay the interface, can achieve network control.



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